When DTG printing onto garments we have to use what is called a pre-treatment. This primes the garment for printing and ensures a vibrant durable print. (Applying heavy amounts of pre-treatment onto dark garments is industry standard with DTG printing, when printing onto white garments much less is needed).

On really vibrant or complex designs we may place a little more of this down than on more toned down designs; this can lead to a slightly ‘sticky’ feeling to the garment. This is totally normal and cannot be avoided when DTG printing, no matter where you go.

The only way to to get around using pre-treatment is to use another print method, like screen printing (which do also). However, when printing designs with many colours across low volumes DTG will deliver the best results for the lowest price.

Pre-treatment will wash out with water, so it can easily be removed.

Note, to give us the best results possible we use some of the most advanced DTG print technology and inks available in Europe.