Tue, Jul 27, 21

How to Start a Clothing Brand with No Budget

I Want to Start a Clothing Brand

Starting a clothing brand can be tricky. From the outside looking in, there are a lot of factors to consider from sourcing garments, to what type of print method is best suited, to the distribution of the final product. Despite this, starting a clothing brand with little to no investment is a very realistic possibility. So let’s talk about this.


But I Have No Budget or Investment?

So, you might be a graphic designer, artist or an illustrator who is trying to make a profit from sharing their artwork, or you may be a fashion lover with an eye for good design, a head full of ideas and a vision. Or you may be a collective trying to create a movement or an entrepreneur looking for another avenue to promote and in turn profit from your business. 


In any of these circumstances, a Print-on-Demand (PoD) service can enable your clothing brand to take orders for clothing before the printing process has even taken place, so you don’t have to worry about minimum order quantities or stockpiling garments that are not yet needed. It also helps to avoid the stocking of certain sizes which are not as frequently purchased when you still wish to cater for those customers. There is nothing worse for a new business than sinking money that it doesn’t have into inventory that is not needed.


Adopting a Print-on-Demand method will therefore lower the risk involved with getting your clothing line off the ground as it means you’re only purchasing clothing when you need it; once the order has been made! Through a PoD service, the finished product can then be delivered directly to the customer, saving you the extra hassle of making multiple post office trips each week!



Where to Ge Started 



At SouthSide Print Studios, we can ensure that your clothing brand needs are met, right from the start through to the very end. Firstly, decide which brand of garment you would like to print on and if we don’t have it stocked ourselves, we can order it in for you. Alternatively, you can send us the garments yourself if you already have the stock you would like to print on. 



To make things simple we charge one flat rate for the printing which covers everything, no matter the size of the print or how many colours in your design, then simply add the cost of the garment depending on your choice. The first print starts as low as £5 with each additional print charging an extra £3 thereafter. We are also able to print napes for an additional £1.50 to give your garments an extra touch of quality.



Once the order has been completed, our Print-on-Demand service then ships the garments directly to your customer using the DHL Domestic 48 hour courier to ensure the order is completed efficiently and effectively at a charge of £4.50 an order. All you have to do is send us your orders as you receive them and then we handle the rest!


Factor in VAT and an additional 10% fee for picking, packing and distribution and that is all it takes to bring a clothing brand to life. The best part is that you can complete a sale before your PoD order is even placed so you receive your profits immediately. 



Your Clothing Brand on a Budget

As we can see, an effective Print-on-Demand service can really help to bridge the  gap between dreams and reality. An efficient process from start to finish ensures that your designs are being sourced, printed and distributed quickly, with no large start up or set up costs resulting in a reliable and even profitable brand straight from the off! 


With all that in mind, what’s stopping you! Email us at to get a quote or reach us on social media @southsideprintstudio for any queries you may have in the meantime.